Brakes are safety components – they protect human life and capital goods.

Accordingly it is essential that they are operated and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. PINTSCH BUBENZER offers all its customers theoretical and practical training courses. The training courses can take place on-site, no matter if new or existing braking systems. There alternatively are training-teams available in our factories in Germany, the USA, Malaysia, China, Singapore or at site.

As a local service partner, PINTSCH BUBENZER offers a maximum in German Know-How. Uncomplicated and short paths of communication provide a seamless flow during the project course.

Even after the final inspection we don´t hesitate to answer all your questions.

The PINTSCH BUBENZER after-sales-services are available around the world, increasing up-time and thereby the economic benefit for the customer – for example through preventive maintenance, rapid deliveries of spare parts, on-going equipment surveys and personnel training.

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